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What is going is a simple DNS redirection if you happen to be in the US.The majority of other nationalities are unaware why Americans are so proud and insist on freedom above all.Earthquake in the Poker World - PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker Shut Down by FBI The online poker world has just experienced a massive.

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A full-tilt federal shutdown of online poker Federal indictments of online poker websites Full Tilt Poker,. five websites were shut down,.Secondly, the only reason for the 2 arrests is they were in the US at this time.There is also a civil complaint against the above poker companies, their payment processors, five internet domains, as well as 75 bank accounts used by the poker companies and their payment processors.But the wise leaders of this group, our founding forefathers, decided there should be a militia to avoid ever being forced into subservience again.Over the years lawmakers have chipped away so much of the constitution, among other thing, that we are now left with little resembling what our forefathers intended.The FBI shut down three of the largest poker websites Friday in what appears to be the largest crackdown on illegal online gambling to date.So everyone decided to pay a small amount to provide them, taxes.

Many states have legalized live poker rooms in some form, but online gambling was outlawed in 2006.For example, what would happen if every American stayed at home during an election day or refused to purchase anything on a given day.Although Full Tilt Poker shut down and PokerStars shut down access to US players, there are lots of US poker sites still accepting US players - as recommended by Cardschat.

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Do online poker sites accept US. Full Tilt Poker was shut down. LOCK POKER - Lock Poker is perhaps the most recent example of an online poker site that simply.Shutdown of US government websites appears bafflingly arbitrary. "Due to the. "If the federal government shuts down as of October 1,.Refuse to pay the power or stroke their ego with votes and they listen.North Texas poker clubs gambling that state. its website and Facebook page have been shut down,. And the site for TopSet Poker Club in Plano stated that.Find the best US poker sites where you can play. Tilt Poker´s US-facing operations were shut down by the. disappearance” of Lock Poker.

Stop letting a country designed to be more free be swallowed by a party system.The online poker world has just experienced a massive earthquake that will shake this industry to its core.And the fat cat bankers who bilked US citizens for billions walked away free and clear.While the announcement has left the poker world reeling in shock, it would appear that there have been some decidedly shady dealings occurring which have resulted in the charges.On Friday the U.S. Justice Department shut down several poker websites for, among other things, violating a 2006 law that essentially makes online gambling illegal in.

Ivey League, the online poker training website which was founded by poker legend Phil Ivey will cease operations from May 1 according to a statement.Player reviews and ratings for Equity Poker Network. Online. Listen hear though I PROMISE everyone out their this site will be shut down by me and my connections.Largest Internet Poker Sites Shut Down One-Third Of Bets Said To Be Skimmed As Profits The New York Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation,.

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How the hell are you supposed to play poker without the internet? Writer Phil Ranta Cast Gregg Lopez Brent Pope Brian O'Connell Andrés du Bouchet This...

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Allegedly, he used to operate payments for large gambling sites, making a fortune doing so.Online poker sites shut down and charged with fraud in US crackdown The founders of three of the world’s largest poker websites have been charged with.

After the three biggest poker websites in the U.S. were shut down on Friday, the big question that every gambler wants answered is: "What about my money.I think they are really hoping to push out the international poker rooms in favor of US-owned ones, so they can get all their taxes neatly tied up.

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There are byways to this but the US government has been planning this out.

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It really is a sad time for the poker world right now; four of the biggest online poker rooms have been shut down in one quick swipe by the US government and nobody.This is how the US loses incomes to the Countries of Poker sites.UPDATE: Why the DOJ shut down Poker and a closer look at the aftermath Millions of US online poker players did not anticipate a loss this large when they l.People were needed to enforce theses new laws, a military to protect freedom, as well as many other services.I do believe big changes are on the horizon, perhaps in our lifetime.The Australian publication alleges that Daniel Tzvetkoff, a former payment processor, may have assisted the US government in their historic takedown.

The online gambling laws are certainly issues, we Americans, have had valid objections to.That same militia is now viewed legally and socially as a group of dangerous crack pots.The Full Tilt Poker site had a shut down post up and is open for business for everyone except Us player.I would love to hear some valid reasons as to how this bungling move helps me, the common guy who enjoys a small game after work every now and again.Earthquake in the Poker World - PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker Shut Down by FBI.